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Your day  - Your photos  - Your way
You may or may not chose me to Photograph your wedding.
If you will allow me I'd like to offer you some advice about choosing a professional to create YOUR wedding album. This is my entirely personal view based on experience and my knowledge of the industry.
Put simply, this is what I would look for and think about if I were making the choice you now face.
YOU have spent a long time planning and preparing to make your day SPECIAL to YOU
The individual elements have been considered in minute detail. Agonised over and chosen to best reflect YOU and your personal STYLE
These images will last a lifetime. YOUR lifetime. it is you who will have to live with them! So who you chose
to collaborate with on the day is a big decision. When choosing YOUR photographer look at their past work
with a critical eye. Ask to see some sample Albums make sure you see the whole Album not just the highlights!

Selections will always provide the most favourable reflection of the body of work. Likewise  most
web sites will show only carefully selected images. While it is nice to know that they can produce good work in good conditions you need to be confident they can produce the goods when the British climate and medieval church design conspire to create more challenging working conditions.

Make sure that the beguiling and beautiful Headline images displayed on the web site are actual Wedding pictures, created and captured in real world conditions and not carefully stage managed and post produced to within an inch of their lives. Ask the question, you may be surprised by the answer.
Never decide purely on the web site. Speak to the photographer,
Meet them if possible, On the day the process of capturing your images is a collaborative one and it plays out in a high stress environment. Make sure you discuss the plan for the day in detail so that everyone knows what is happening? when? and why?
If you don't like something or you want something which doesn't immediately appear to be on offer? Say so and say so early. They are YOUR pictures not the photographers!
Busy professionals develop ways of working, work flows and practices which suit them
The person you chose needs to be someone you can get along with.
Meet them have a cup of coffee and a chat.. if you don't enjoy 20 minutes over a coffee in their company, do you really want them at your wedding?
Does each Album conform to a fairly set style? The approach may be perfect if that suits your needs but less so if you want something a little more YOU , a little more PERSONAL and BESPOKE
You are paying a not insignificant amount of money for the benefit of a professionals Artistry, skill and experience but at the end of the day YOU are paying. YOU have to live with the images So it fair that YOU
have the ultimate say in how those images look and how they are captured.

I hope we can work together on your wedding photos. If not I hope this advice is of some use.
Finally let me wish you everything you would wish for yourselves on YOUR big Day.
                                                                                                                                   Neale Blackburn. Jan 2016